The objectives of the questionnaire are focused on understanding the factors influencing consumers’ mobility decisions as new transportation models (e.g., car-sharing, etc.) emerge. The study will analyze the different trade-offs consumers, who are willing to accept to own a vehicle based on its fuel type, and will examine how preferences for powertrains, technology (inside and outside of the vehicle), and lifestyle needs impact consumers’ choices.

EL – Online Questionnaire for Greece

HR – Online Questionnaire for Croatia

PT – Online Questionnaire for Portugal

CY – Online Questionnaire for Cyprus

ES – Online Questionnaire for Spain


Workshop in The Netherlands – January 2019

The first workshop of the PSA Fuel Price Comparison project was organised in the Hague. Stakeholders from fuel industry as well as consumers was informed about the project. Discussions regarding the selection of pilot stations and the methods to display the information at fuel stations have been conducted and valuable feedback was obtained.

Workshop in The Netherlands – September 2019

On 2nd of September, a workshop was organised in The Hague with a large number of stakeholders from different organisations. More 20 representative from energy and petroleum industry as well as from fuel distribution and automotive sector were present in this workshop. The main agenda of the workshop included the common fuel price methodology, the pilot actions as well as the display options for the consumers. Most of the stakeholders agreed with the usefulness of the goal of this project. Moreover, a productive discussion regarding the calculation methodology and display of information were undertaken, in which all the propositions on the proper and efficient dissemination of this information to the end users were analysed.


Workshop in Greece – March 2019

The first Kick-Off Meeting was organised by the Coordinator in Greece, in March 2019 , where the action plan and the milestones of the PSA action were presented between MS representatives. A dedicated workshop section was organised, in which the pricing system display as well as common fuel price initial calculation methodology were presented. All the related feedback was gathered for further evaluation and next step plans of the project.

Press Release – NTUA

Press Release – YME

Greece, Kick-Off Meeting, Photo 1

Greece, Kick-Off Meeting, Photo 2

Greece, Kick-Off Meeting, Photo 3

Parallel Dissemination Sessions in Greece – June 2019

The “Saracakis Group of Companies” that operates in the automotive sector in Greece organised a 3-days event in the premises of Lavrion Technological and Cultural Park. NTUA organised parallel sessions for disseminating the PSA action. 60 journalists from the Greek press and media were informed regarding the fuel price comparison unit methodology and its benefits to the consumers information on the new propulsion technologies vehicles (i.e. vehicles using alternative fuels). Further dissemination actions have been conducted from the journalists to the different Greek media.

Greece, Parallel Session, Photo 1

Greece, Parallel Session, Photo 2

Greece, Parallel Session, Photo 3

Workshop in Greece – October 2019

A workshop was organized on October 14th, hosted at the premises of Greek Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport (Athens). Representatives from the Greek Oil Industry, Hellenic Petroleum Marketing Companies Association (SEEPE), Hellenic Association of Motor Vehicle Importers, fuel distributors, Gas and Electricity retailers, Consumers’ Association were invited and participated in the Workshop. Furthermore, certified journalists were invited to further enhance the dissemination of the planned event. During the workshop, the objectives of the FPC4Consumers project as well as the current status of the project regarding the completed and on-going activities on the common fuel price methodology developed and the display of the information were presented. Numerous questions and valuable feedback were gathered from the different stakeholders in the direction of making that information clearer and more understandable to the end users. All the received feedback will be considered for the deployment of the next steps of the PSA action.

Greece, Workshop, Photo 1

Greece, Workshop, Photo 2


Workshop in France – July 2019

In July 2019 the French workshop has been successfully organised. Representative from different sectors such as automotive manufacturers, oil industry, fuel distributors and alternative fuel associations were present. All the participants have been informed regarding the FPC4Consumers project and useful feedback related to the implementation of the common fuel price methodology and display from each sector was obtained. Additional technical meetings with the several stakeholder have been scheduled and conducted.

France, Workshop, Photo 1


National Dissemination Event in Finland – August 2019

The Finnish implementing body, the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom, organised the first national dissemination event on the 28th of August 2019 and among the attendees were market representatives from both conventional and alternative fuel distribution. All the stakeholders were informed about the FPC4Consumers PSA action and were emphasized to their involvement on the upcoming pilot activities. Overall discussion and valuable feedback was obtained on the implementation plan for disseminating the information to the consumers in the more clear and efficient way.

Finland, Workshop, Photo


Workshop in Germany – October 2019

The stakeholder workshop in Germany was organised on the 8th of October 2019 at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. In this workshop, 12 representatives from petroleum and gas industry as well as from automobile and consumers sectors were present and informed about the scope and target of the FPC4Consumers project. The main aspects that have been discussed during the workshop were the display of information to the pilots, the selection of the reference vehicles and segmentation and the fuel price methodology. Valuable feedback were obtained on how the information should be displayed so not to cause any confusion to the end users as well as to the calculation method in order this informative to be helpful and objectively for the consumers. The German stakeholders were informed in a transparent way about the whole execution of the PSA FPC4 consumers. They received the copies of the presentation, the workshop proceedings and the questionnaires.

Germany, Workshop, Photo 1

Germany, Workshop, Photo 2


Parallel Meetings in Portugal – July, August and September 2019

Portugal organized a number of meetings with several stakeholders, including from consumers protection association to representatives for fuel industry and automotive sectors. All the representatives were informed about the scope of the project and discussions about the fuel price calculation methodology and potential concerns were undertaken.

Workshop in Portugal – September 2019

A dedicated workshop took place in Lisbon with the participation of more than 25 representatives from different organisations. All have been informed about the scope of the project and the related actions so far. The majority of the participants commented that the calculation of the price comparison might cause a slight mislead of the information to the end user.

Portugal, Workshop, Photo 1

Portugal, Workshop, Photo 2


Workshop in Croatia – July 2019

In July 2019, Croatia organized a dedicated workshop with the national “Croatian Auto Club”, which represents more than 70 autoclubs in the country, having more than 227,000 active members. This was a great communication channel for the project to become well known to the consumers and to discuss various topics such as fuel price methodology and various display option of that information.

Croatia, Workshop, Photo 1

Croatia, Workshop, Photo 2

Workshop in Croatia – September 2019

In September 2019 a workshop with the participation of representatives from the relevant national ministries was organized. The goal of this workshop was the connection and co-operation with state bodies responsible for sustainable development, renewable energy, energy market and infrastructure regarding the FPC4Consumers action.

Croatia, Workshop 2, Photo 1

Croatia, Workshop 2, Photo 2


Parallel meetings in Spain – January to March 2020

Spain organized a meeting and several dialogues with main representatives for Spanish fuel industry including AOP (Asociación de Operadores de Productos Petrolíferos). These associations were informed about the scope of the project and discussions regarding the fuel price calculation methodology and potential concerns were addressed.

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